Well, after a long flight with not much sleep and the culinary masterpieces Delta threw at us .. we have landed in Rio de Janeiro.

Maria Alice and Mauro kindly welcomed us at the airport and drove us back to their lovely home a few blocks from the famed Ipanema beach. Felipe and I have been so taken care of here, the food and dessert have been amazing.. I am so appreciative of the wonderful hospitality they have shown us. I was told uncle Bobbie spends most of his time here on the top level(which they refer to as “Bob’s apartment) After being here for a few days I can see why… it offers a place for reading, sunbathing, with an outdoor shower, a fridge with cold beer and a spectacular view. I can feel the time slowing down here, each day is starting to feel like two.

Tomorrow we are going to Angra dos Reis with Stefan and his family. Angra is a beautiful place with a vast series of islands and marinas. We’ve been looking forward to going there most out of all the places in Brazil.

As wonderful as it is here, we were given a stark reminder that we are in a third world country today. As we were walking along the boardwalk today in Ipanema beach, a foreign guy was walking in our direction with earbuds on. A young guy wearing nothing but shorts snuck up behind him as if to grab him and say ‘surprise!’ and tried to snatch his earbuds. Before he could get a good grip the foreign guy turned around and noticed him. A couple more guys followed him afterwards. They looked like lions following a gazelle. What stuck me most about the situation is that it happened in broad daylight and in front of so many people.

We have and will continue to be cautious while enjoying the diversity Rio has to offer.

More to come!

Felipe and Baldemar