We were invited to Angra (islands off the coast of Rio) with Stefan and his family. Kristina, Alemao, Carol(Stefan’s girlfriend) and her parents. We travel there on a unique sail boat that Felipe calls a pirate ship. It has plenty of room and everything one needed to be a home for a few days. We spent the night on the boat under the stars rocking softly back and forth, my first time camping on the sea.

We spent the days snorkeling, swimming to the beach to relax, playing fresco ball and hiking through the jungle. There were a few things we had to watch out for – picking jellyfish out of the water, large black spiders littered everywhere throughout the jungle and the loud, obnoxious party goers everywhere that brought the sounds of Rio to this quiet sanctuary. The all left every evening and the island return to it’s natural state.

The island is a paradise, so close to Rio but feels worlds away.


Here is a link to a video of Felipe jumping into the sea before realizing that there are jellyfish in the water.. you can see them if you look closely.


DSC01307 DSC01310

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