So for the past week or so we have been checking out tourist places, shopping and eating as well as eating.(I’m eating now)

We went to Sugarloaf mountain, Copacabana beach, Corcovado (that’s where the big Christ statue is), the botanical gardens in Rio as well as a huge forest inside the city called Floresta da Tijuca. The history of these places is incredible, many places are old and the jungle has started to take back what was once it’s own space, which I think looks great. I am truly enjoying my time here, pace of life, humid weather, cuisine are all to my liking. Plus, we are being spoiled here by Mauro and Alice… we eat the best home cooked food everyday and they take us everywhere around Rio. I’ve learned a bit about real hospitality being here.

The other day we went to Carretao, which is a favorite restaurant of Uncle Michael and Bobby. It is a Brazilian BBQ place where they bring different meats around and you choose which ones you would like + they serve sushi and a bunch of other things. Since it’s all you can eat that was the only meal we had that day. We are going again before we leave!

Felipe has been going through all these old videos that Amelia recorded. There is some great stuff in there! All this footage of Felipe and Tatiana when they where little plus a America concert and some other great family moments. He is coverting them to DVD while we are here so he will be bringing some stuff back.

Anna arrived this week so we have added another member to our Brazil team. Here are some photos of this past week or so with Felipe doing flips in random places!! Photographically this trip has paid off, I’ve had some remarkable experiences and captured some great images that I can certainly use this summer!

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Uncle Michael for making this trip happen and for how welcomed I’ve been with Amelia’s family, a real gift.. thank you!