Photographs from 2016

Happy New Year!

Here is a small selection of photographs I want to share with you from this past year. In 2016, I was fortunate to visit  Berlin, Tokyo, Prague, the countryside of Slovenia to name a few favorites featured below.

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Tourist in Rio!

So for the past week or so we have been checking out tourist places, shopping and eating as well as eating.(I’m eating now)

We went to Sugarloaf mountain, Copacabana beach, Corcovado (that’s where the big Christ statue is), the botanical gardens in Rio as well as a huge forest inside the city called Floresta da Tijuca. The history of these places is incredible, many places are old and the jungle has started to take back what was once it’s own space, which I think looks great. I am truly enjoying my time here, pace of life, humid weather, cuisine are all to my liking. Plus, we are being spoiled here by Mauro and Alice… we eat the best home cooked food everyday and they take us everywhere around Rio. I’ve learned a bit about real hospitality being here.

The other day we went to Carretao, which is a favorite restaurant of Uncle Michael and Bobby. It is a Brazilian BBQ place where they bring different meats around and you choose which ones you would like + they serve sushi and a bunch of other things. Since it’s all you can eat that was the only meal we had that day. We are going again before we leave!

Felipe has been going through all these old videos that Amelia recorded. There is some great stuff in there! All this footage of Felipe and Tatiana when they where little plus a America concert and some other great family moments. He is coverting them to DVD while we are here so he will be bringing some stuff back.

Anna arrived this week so we have added another member to our Brazil team. Here are some photos of this past week or so with Felipe doing flips in random places!! Photographically this trip has paid off, I’ve had some remarkable experiences and captured some great images that I can certainly use this summer!

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Uncle Michael for making this trip happen and for how welcomed I’ve been with Amelia’s family, a real gift.. thank you!





We were invited to Angra (islands off the coast of Rio) with Stefan and his family. Kristina, Alemao, Carol(Stefan’s girlfriend) and her parents. We travel there on a unique sail boat that Felipe calls a pirate ship. It has plenty of room and everything one needed to be a home for a few days. We spent the night on the boat under the stars rocking softly back and forth, my first time camping on the sea.

We spent the days snorkeling, swimming to the beach to relax, playing fresco ball and hiking through the jungle. There were a few things we had to watch out for – picking jellyfish out of the water, large black spiders littered everywhere throughout the jungle and the loud, obnoxious party goers everywhere that brought the sounds of Rio to this quiet sanctuary. The all left every evening and the island return to it’s natural state.

The island is a paradise, so close to Rio but feels worlds away.


Here is a link to a video of Felipe jumping into the sea before realizing that there are jellyfish in the water.. you can see them if you look closely.

DSC01307 DSC01310

DSC01259 DSC01268 DSC01282 DSC01292 DSC01301 DSC01314

Hello RIO!

Well, after a long flight with not much sleep and the culinary masterpieces Delta threw at us .. we have landed in Rio de Janeiro.

Maria Alice and Mauro kindly welcomed us at the airport and drove us back to their lovely home a few blocks from the famed Ipanema beach. Felipe and I have been so taken care of here, the food and dessert have been amazing.. I am so appreciative of the wonderful hospitality they have shown us. I was told uncle Bobbie spends most of his time here on the top level(which they refer to as “Bob’s apartment) After being here for a few days I can see why… it offers a place for reading, sunbathing, with an outdoor shower, a fridge with cold beer and a spectacular view. I can feel the time slowing down here, each day is starting to feel like two.

Tomorrow we are going to Angra dos Reis with Stefan and his family. Angra is a beautiful place with a vast series of islands and marinas. We’ve been looking forward to going there most out of all the places in Brazil.

As wonderful as it is here, we were given a stark reminder that we are in a third world country today. As we were walking along the boardwalk today in Ipanema beach, a foreign guy was walking in our direction with earbuds on. A young guy wearing nothing but shorts snuck up behind him as if to grab him and say ‘surprise!’ and tried to snatch his earbuds. Before he could get a good grip the foreign guy turned around and noticed him. A couple more guys followed him afterwards. They looked like lions following a gazelle. What stuck me most about the situation is that it happened in broad daylight and in front of so many people.

We have and will continue to be cautious while enjoying the diversity Rio has to offer.

More to come!

Felipe and Baldemar


Buenos Aires, AR | Torres Del Paine, CH

Here are some photos of a recent trip to Buenos Aires and Torres Del Paine National Park. If ever traveling to Patagonia and seeking an authentic experience, I highly recommend staying at Eco Camp. The people are kind, helpful and cool. You feel like a guest in someone’s home…, with a bar in it:)

Buenos Aires is a great place to go, one of the largest cities in S. America and still somehow manages to keep a sense of tranquility.

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Salt Swimwear Shoot – September 2012


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No expert on swimwear but I must say that Salt really has something special going on. Thanks also to Leila for modeling, killed it.

a mix of photos from europe


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I have a bit of back stock but no room for it! I’m selling these limited edition photographs at a greatly reduced price. I would really just like to make what I spent on the prints and framing. So, if you are looking to spruce up the house/office or know someone who is and like what you see please email me with an offer for the specific photo. This will be a win win for both of us(granted you like the picture:) as it will help fund the next trip I have coming up.

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Australia and New Zealand


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Last week I returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand. Both places that I highly recommend everyone visit. I didn’t end up shooting as much as I would have liked in Sydney but I did eat kangaroo meat(thanks to Stephan and Katy) and floated around in warm clear water without a worry in the world(thanks Troy).

New Zealand was all business or for better words all beauty.

For more images and better viewing please go to my main website and look under “Australia” and “New Zealand”.

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Canyonlands and Goblin Valley, Utah

A couple weeks back I trekked out to Utah with my good friend Micha. It was my birthday and I wanted to do something worthwhile for myself. Many miles starring at dry, red, beautiful landscape blurring by…. The trip was great. Utah is vast.. offering some of the most unique landscapes only a small distance away by car but worlds away by feeling. Micha took charge of the food, serving up the best cuisine/company I’ve had on a camping trip…. the $10 bottle of tequila was handy too!

Nature always seems to have something to give each of it’s guest…, I am grateful to have been in these places at that time.

Here are some images form the trip.